Srhythm ANC Headphones Monthly Giveaway, 100% FREE, free
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Srhythm ANC Headphones Monthly Giveaway, 100% free, 50 winners per month.
Giveaway Activity: Forward/Post official facebook and get chances to get Srhythm ANC Headphones. 
[Available Period] The year 2019.
[Applicable Area] United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan. 
[Activity Details] Follow Srhythm official facebook @Srhythm, and post picture/video/text recommendation to promote Srhythm's products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.. And then let me know what you did via @Srhythm or 
[Prizes] 50 sets of Srhythm products, one set per winner.
[Winner] The Srhythm team will draw the first 30 people to win the prizes every month. And, 10 people who wrote the most creative texts will be selected.
The winning list will be posted on Facebook and the official website, and all winners noted by facebook or email, every month
[Note] Prizes include Srhythm NC25, NC75, NC15 and NC20. Winners will likely receive 100% new products, used like new products, or officially refurbished products, and Srhythm provide standard after-sales support, including replacement services for every items.
Facebook: @Srhythm, 

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