New Srhythm NC15 Bluetooth Headphone Upcoming, New Specs Released
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Coming this year, the new NC15 version will focus much more on design and technology compared to its older versions. From its sleek design multicoloured, ultra light weight of 230g only and ultra-compact, the carrying will be much easier and comfortable with adjustable cushioned ear pads. Easy to store and put it in a pocket, the new version will also be equipped with a powerful ATS chip V5.0, which will ensure a high stability and response of your calls or musics. Faster and safer, you can couple your Bluetooth devices connected in bi-mode and sync your data or music from it up to 10m. Also powered by a quick charge in 1H, the upgraded battery technology will increase duly the performance up to 16H playback for getting the best sound experience ever.


From the NC25 and NC75 released, the NC15 will feature same sound performance with an ANC improvement reducing noise and releasing the ear pain in a loud environment. As you might expect, the sound quality will be much clearer and pure by holding the latest sound technologies built-in. The crystallized audio effect will impulse you in rhythm with a new diaphragm renewed powering a mega bass, and dual HD speaker 40mm.


Compatible with universal devices such as iPhone or Android, the touch control will be smoother and easier for synchronizing your device connected and focusing on what matters most in silence. Also equipped with protective materials against voltage and water, the sync risks are largely reduced to connect your device safely. Beside its new design and technology improved, NC15 version is the most ergonomic and durable Bluetooth headphone for sounding your music anytime.


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