How to Turn On Your Google Home Into a Bluetooth Headphone?
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If you own a Google Home assistant and control your devices by voice for streaming your favorite music, it will pair it for sounding your environment with harmony. With new Bluetooth audio features improved, Google Home assistant is able to cast any Bluetooth headphones connected with Amazon Alexa,and sync them from your smartphone. As connection issues may relate to a poor coupling performance, please follow our tips cf-below for turning on your Google Home assistant into a Bluetooth headphone.


1. Enable Bluetooth pairing devices



Developed by Google Inc, the new Google Home assistant is mostly featured for controlling and synchronizing your APP from your device connected. By downloading it from your device, the voice assistant will guide you step-by-step to set up your Bluetooth headphone and pair it safely. Built for family home fun, its easy voice control will plug and play unlimited contents from a wide range of public devices connected and inspire your kids by hearing classic stories, etc. If you want to create a new relaxing atmosphere at home, please follow our instructions cf-below     


Step 1.Open your Google Assistant APP.

Step 2. Go on your Device Settings at the upper right.

Step 3. By then, tap on the three-dot menu and click on Settings.


Step 4. Tap on Paired Bluetooth devices by scrolling down your Bluetooth device settings.


Step 5. Tap on Enabling Pairing mode for pairing devices.



Please note your Google Home assistant can pair multiple devices at once, but only one can be paired for playing songs. Your pairing mode will become active on your smartphone after searching your Bluetooth headphone connected.


2. Search for the device


After you switched on your Bluetooth mode from your device, a full list will display for connecting to your Google Home Assistant. By searching your device and setting up your home network with a password required, the connection between both of them will successfully complete your content within an operating distance. Specially built for family home fun, Bluetooth headphones connected can ensure an operating distance up to 10m minimum and clearer your call or music while activated to your Google Home Assistant. To get the best sound experience from your device connected, an appropriate`scanning for searching your Bluetooth headphone is therefore best solution as explained cf-below


Step 1. Go on your Settings.

Step 2. Tap on Device Connectivity.

Step 3. Tap on Bluetooth turned on.

Step 5. Scroll down the device list.

Step 6. Select your device for coupling.


Before searching for the device, make sure your environment is fully set for pairing and none obstacles obstruct the signal emit between both devices connected. By this fact, this will majorly prevent Bluetooth connection issues and lead to a safe connection as explained in the next part.

3. Connect and sync


Designed as AI to power your Bluetooth sound and connect multiple speakers, Google Home Assistant is largely compatible within a range of devices and can stream your music from different platforms such as Youtube, podcast, or saved songs locally. Easy to pair via Bluetooth and sync via APP, the voice command can be used for controlling your settings such as change volume which equalize the bass and treble. In addition, built-in with mic, dual speaker and DC jack, the starting request via voice command will be immediate for streaming music from your Bluetooth headphone connected. If you want to adjust your sound settings after pairing your device, please follow instructions cf-below


Step 1. Open your Google Assistant APP.

Step 2. Make sure your Bluetooth turned on for pairing both devices.

Step 3. Voice control by saying ¨Hey Google, enable Bluetooth pairing¨.

Step 4. Adjust your Sound Settings from device.


As you might expect, Google Home Assistant is a smart home assistant built-in with AI technology. Designed for improving comfort and giving a freedom in family, it can only pair one device for streaming audio songs. Therefore, if you own multiple devices connected to your Google Home Assistant, that is recommanded to unpair your unnecessary devices after use in order to avoid connection issues as explained in the next section.

4. Unpair your unnecessary devices


If your device can´t synchronize with Google Home Assistant, that is because a relative connection is paired with another device causing a jam. Indeed, it can only pair one device at once for streaming your audio songs, so make sure you unpair your unnecessary devices connected to Google Home Assistant before. This will faster and easier the scanning of your paired device already, so that you can focus on what matter most at home. Troubleshooting multiple Bluetooth connections points relate therefore to some precautions for synchronizing your content and require to unpair your device first before turning on your Google Home Assistant as explained cf-below


Step 1. Go on your Settings.

Step 2. Tap on Device Connectivity.

Step 3. Tap on Bluetooth.

Step 4. Hit the cross icon at the upper right for unpairing your unnecessary devices.


Step 5. Tap on UNPAIR.


In this regards, your Bluetooth headphone will be able to pair again, so that you can play and emerge in your favorite music. However, if you still encounter Bluetooth connection issues, that is recommanded you contact Google Assistant Help for solving your issues and pairing your devices accordingly. With its smart technologies detecting Bluetooth devices, you can fully control your music by voice and command easily your functions.


The verdict


Overall, there are couple of ways to turn on your Google Home Assistant into a Headphone. Designed as an AI home assistant, it power your sound from your Bluetooth headphone connected and offer a new way of listening music with smart features. Controlling by voice and adjusting its sound functions will give you a new rhythm in music. Built for family home fun, if you want to inspire your kids with new songs or create a new atmosphere at home, please follow our summary tips

- Firstly, make sure you unpair your unnecessary devices connected if you own multiple.

- Secondly, ensure you enable your pairing mode after unpairing.

- Thirdly, search for the device connected within a minimum operating distance.

- Finally, connect and sync your device via APP.


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