How to Connect Srhythm Headphones to Android ?
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Want to experience the best sound from your phone? If you own an Android device and also a Srhythm Bluetoooth headset, your audio sound will be truly immersive and much clearer. As known as a reliable supplier featuring new sound technologies, Srhythm launched different Bluetooth ANC headphones compatible Android to enhance your sound experience for emerging yourself with deeper bass and clearer effects. Largely used for streaming any form of data such as music, or calls, the Bluetooth version built-in on its range will ensure a better connection and higher speed during your pairing process. So, let´s have a close look how to pair your Srhythm headphone to Android.



1. Before you start


Before you start pairing your devices and sync your content, some precautions must be required to avoid connection issues. Keeping a particular attention will guide you to connect properly your pairing devices and kick-start your day with a truly immersive sound. If you own an Android device, please follow steps cf-below for pairing it


Step 1. Make sure you turn on your Bluetooth headphone for 3s.

Step 2. Ensure you keep your Bluetooth headphone as close as possible to your Android device during pairing process.

Step 3. Make sure your system support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile AD2PBluetooth Profile.

Please note your environment must be cleaned before pairing process and none objects must interfere between devices. They must be turned on in order to sync any form of data and get the best sound from your Srhythm headphone. Compared to Apple, Android devices are cheaper and excel performances with a high speed execution while you are sync your free APP in few steps.   


2. Pair your headphone to an Android phone


As you might expect, you can pair your Android devices via Bluetooth and sync them for listening music, conducting calls, voice messages, etc. They must be paired properly before any form of data can be transferred. Indeed, synchronization errors may occur if you do not follow the tips below.


Step 1. Open your Settings from your Android device.




Step 2. Tap Connections.



Step 3. Turn on your Bluetooth mode.


Step 4. Put your Bluetooth headphone in pairing mode.


Step 5. Scan your device for pairing.


In parallel, if your devices are not switched in pairing mode, they won´t be able to connect. Your pairing will be unsuccessful, and you will be unable to connect from each other. There are a couple of ways to fix problems and ensure that further troubleshooting should be done on your phone.


3. Troubleshoot your device

If your Srhrythm Bluetooth headphone can´t sync to your Android phone, that is because you encounter any specific connection errors. To help you prevent those connection issues and fix your troubleshooting in a proper way, our tips cf-below will indicate the most common causes of connection issues for guiding your best solutions.


3.1 Restart both devices


A restart fix common errors and start your phone afresh. Indeed, if the problem persist, you can toggle your Bluetooth on from your device after scanning your network and putting it in pairing mode. Make sure the distance between your paired devices is appropriate and none objects obstruct in between.  



3.2 Removed all paired devices


If you own multiple paired devices, it is best to unpair them from the list and allow one of them to fresh start again. This will prevent sync errors during your pairing process. To remove all paired devices, please follow instructions below


Step 1. Head into the Settings menu of your phone.

Step 2. Tap on Bluetooth.

Step 3. Ensure the list of paired devices display.

Step 4. Tap on the icon of Paired Bluetooth device and unpair it.

Step 5. Repeat same steps for removing all paired devices on your list.


Once all paired devices are removed, your phone will begin scanning again for your Srhythm Bluetooth headphone it should connect to. The pairing process will restart for sync any form of data from your Srhythm Bluetooth headphone.  


3.3 Clear the Bluetooth cache and data


If your Bluetooth connection is slowing down due to a massive data stack, that is because cache files can get corrupt over a period of time or as a result of systems tweaks. Removing these files will be harmless to your device because they only concern data for experiencing your Bluetooth connection. Automatically created when you use Bluetooth, it will perform your phone by removing them, and easier your pairing process. To delete your cache, please follow instructions below


Step 1. Head to the Settings menu of your Phone from the notification’s shade

Step 2. Tap on Application Manager.

Step 3. Swipe to ‘All’ from the top tabs.

Step 4. Tap on Bluetooth.

Step 5. Stop the Application by tapping on Force Stop. 

Step 6. Tap on Clear Cache and confirm your selection by tapping OK.

Once your cache is cleared, restart your phone and try connecting once again. Check if your phone is able to establish the connection and if the connection works properly or not. While clearing cache clear your files, clearing your Bluetooth data will reset your Bluetooth connection so that you will be able to refresh your list of paired devices. Please note your details of Bluetooth will be saved after a data reset and you will have to pair your devices all over again after the data is cleared. Please follow instructions below for clearing Bluetooth data

Step 1. Head to the Settings menu of your phone from the notification’s shade.

Step 2. Tap on Application Manager.

Step 3. Swipe to ‘All’ from the top tabs.

Step 4. Tap on Bluetooth.

Step 5. Tap on the option to Clear Data.

Once your phone is fully cleared, restart it for scanning the device list and pair it again. If any problems occurs during pairing process, you can check with your manufacturer or customer service for fixing your problem.


4. Update your software

Updating your phone´s software will help you to keep update all your Bluetooth drivers and stabilize your signal and frequency speed. If you own an Android device, your operating system will be updated each month for getting the best user experience. By meaning so, it will fix and repair your Bluetooth connection and easier your connection with your Srhythm Bluetooth headphone. To manually update your software, please follow our instructions cf-below


Step 1. Head to the Settings menu of your phone.

Step 2. Scroll down to find About Device and tap on it.

Step 3. Tap on Software Update (System Update) and then Update the software of your phone.


Once you updated your software, your phone will restart and list all paired devices. Your Bluetooth connection will be strengthen within a large operating distance and maximized for avoiding connection issues. Your sync will be smooth and fasten with newly technologies built-in. However, if that troubleshooting jam your phone, you can toggle your Bluetooth connection as explained in the next part.


5. Toggle the Bluetooth connection


Referred as the most basic solution, switching off the Bluetooth connection for 10 seconds will troubleshoot all your sync errors or connection issues. Please note if you restore your system, you will need to pair your devices all over again. There are a couple of ways to toggle your Bluetooth connection, but the easiest steps for scanning your paired devices are turning off / on your device as explained below


  Step 1. Pull down the notification shade.

Step 2. Tap on your Bluetooth icon.

Step 3. Switch off the Bluetooth connection for 10 seconds.

Step 4. Switch on again for pairing devices.


Once you toggle your Bluetooth connection, your phone will connect to your paired devices again and sync any form of data to your Srhythm headphone. But make sure you put your phone near your Srhythm headphone and none objects obstruct in between.


The bottom line


To conclude, there are a couple of ways to connect your Android phone. With logical steps mentioned above requiring careful preparation to connect to your devices in pairing mode, the wireless connection will be stabilized and strengthen on a large operating distance so that you can focus on what matter most in silence. However, connection errors can occurs, and troubleshoot your music, or your streaming calls from your headphones. The most common solution among all of them is to switch off your Bluetooth connection button for 10 seconds and re-synchronize it with your Android phone. Facilitating it with smoothness combined with a high performance speed and frequency range, you can gently immerse yourself in the world of music, games, etc.


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